Win a Signed Copy of Our Newest Book!

ParablesSmallerForWebWe’re giving away a copy of our newest book, The Parables of Jesus, signed by the author, Earnest Graham. To enter the drawing, send an email with your name and your email address to, with the subject line “Parables Giveaway.” We’ll announce the winner next week.

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For Williamsburg-area folks: Meet the Author!

Meet Earnest Graham, author & illustrator of our James and The Parables comics, and get your books signed, this Friday evening! Information below:

Family Fun Night featuring graphic novel creator- Earnest Graham.

Friday, April 12th, 5-7pm at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, Williamsburg. Join us for a night of food, comics and games.  Earnest Graham will be on hand to talk about and show us his recently published graphic  novels- “James, a letter to the scattered”, and “The Parables of Jesus”, published by Olive Branch Books.   There is a pot luck supper and BYOBG (bring your own board game) from 5 to 7pm.  All ages will be welcomed and entertained. St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, 1333 Jamestown Road, Williamsburg, VA 23185, 757-229-1111,

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“The Parables of Jesus” is On Its Way to Warehouses

Our newest book, The Parables of Jesus, has been printed and is on its way to our warehouse and Amazon’s. You can pre-order it on Amazon here. We’ve been posting some examples of the artwork; here is a panel from our modern-day take on the Parable of the Lost Son, from Luke 15.


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“Parables” at the Printer

After months of work, our next comic book, The Parables of Jesus, is now at the printer. We think you’ll love it. Here are a couple of sample images, from the Parable of the Bridesmaids and the Parable of the Sower and the Seeds. More coming soon…



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The Kingdom of Heaven is Like…

We’re hard at work on our next book, The Parables of Jesus (available this spring!) and we thought you all might like to see the description that will be on the back cover.


A hurricane howls towards a house built on sand. A nighttime intruder creeps onto enemy land. A boy leaves home to seek adventure. Robbers menace a lonely traveler. And the unexpected happens.
This new and innovative graphic novel translation of the parables of Jesus puts a modern twist on an ancient art form: stories that begin with mundane events and end with a glimpse of a deeper reality.  Earnest Graham’s illustrations, ranging in style from West African kente and Japanese prints to vivid modern realism, interpret these well-loved stories for the next generation of readers.

About the Author: The Rev. Earnest Graham is an illustrator and a pastor. He and his family live in Virginia. See more of his work at

We’ll be posting samples in the coming weeks!

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Telling God’s Story Year Three, and a New Member of our Team

We are delighted to announce that the manuscript of the third volume of Telling God’s Story–working title: God’s Upside-Down Kingdom–has arrived at the Olive Branch Books office. And it’s fantastic!

Now that Peter Enns has set the framework for the TGS curriculum, we have been gathering other writers to flesh out the vision of Telling God’s Story.  Rachel Marie Stone, author of Year Three, is a writer, thinker, and mom of two. She’s just finished a book for InterVarsity Press about God and food (check it out here, and read more from Rachel here). Like Susan Wise Bauer, she writes for Books & Culture and a number of other journals and magazines. She’s done a wonderful job of walking students through the parables and promises of the Gospels, and we can’t wait for you to see God’s Upside-Down Kingdom.

We anticipate a 2013 release date for Year Three, and its accompanying Activity Book. Follow us on Facebook and on this blog for samples, author-interviews, and updates as the book-production process continues.

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It’s Here!

Our newest book, James: A Letter to the Scattered, is now available on our webstore. Read about this comic book, see samples, and purchase it here. You can also peruse the book and pre-order it on Amazon, here. (Amazon’s price is a bit lower than ours, but they won’t be shipping copies for 4 more weeks…so it’s a tradeoff.)


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